First Rochester wraps mailed

JMC & AF's completed wraps

Today I managed to get the first two wraps woven in my lovely Rochester weaving studio pressed, labelled, and mailed. They’re winging their way to moms that I hope will be thrilled when they open the boxes.

On the left is JMC’s wrap, woven with a framboise cotton weft. On the right, AF’s wraps, woven with a magenta tencel weft. Of course the texture and drape can’t show in a photo like this. As always the tencel weft makes for a much lighter and softer wrap, while the cotton offers much more support. Both the framboise and the magenta worked beautifully with all 9 colors in the warp of these sister wraps.

Tomorrow I’ll start winding the warp for my next 2 baby wraps, this time for LY & EK.

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