The yarn I’d been waiting for to weave AF’s baby wrap finally arrived on Friday afternoon, as I’d predicted. So today I committed to spend time at the loom.

AF's wrap

I liked JM’s framboise cotton, and I also really like AF’s magenta tencel. Both of these wefts work well with every color in the warp.

I’m quite happy with my progress…I got 100″ woven today – 2/3 of the wrap! I have some plans for tomorrow, but should be able to get the last 50″ woven. If not Sunday, surely on Monday. JMC & AF, it won’t be long now!

It rained most of the day, but I did spend a few minutes outside changing my old stick-on-the-glass house numbers…
house numbers before

…into new screwed on the siding house numbers.

house numbers after

I hated those old numbers, so even though it’s a little thing, it made me happy to do the ‘upgrade.’

While I enjoyed the weaving and the minor home repair, here was the most fun I had today: playing fetch with Jack. (Sorry for the poor quality of the video. I had to hold my phone in my left hand and play fetch with my right…easier said than done.)

It’s hard to believe he’s only been with me for 4 days. He’s a remarkable little guy, for sure!

7 comments to Finally!

  • Oh and don’t think for a moment some of my crew didn’t hear that squeakier in the toy….
    Nice numbers, beautiful weaving and what a grand little dog!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Theresa. So did you have to play some fetch at your house?

  • Kimberly

    Hi Peg – Just catching up on your blog since your big move and congratulations on so many wonderful and new changes, especially Jack! Reading through some of your posts makes me realize that I’ve got to keep our blog updated too. Our movers arrive in two weeks and away we go to our new house so all of our soap production has stopped while everything gets organized, packed, moved, and then probably stalled in boxes for longer than we care. Continued good luck in your new home!

  • Alma

    Oh, Peg, that Jack is a real keeper! What energy! What eagerness to please!! And a pox on those horrible people who treated him so badly!! Do you have any idea how old he is? Does he talk much?

  • Peg Cherre

    The vet determined that Jack is 3. Part of him is very ‘grown up’ such as no housebreaking needed, and part of him plays like a puppy. I’m guessing he never really got to do puppy play before except for with other dogs.

    I’ve only heard him bark once and he doesn’t seem to make other noises much, either. No telling if that will change as he continues to get more comfortable.

  • Judy T

    How sweet Peg! Looks like you found your perfect pooch! : )

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