November Contest

Although here in the northeast our gardens are pretty much done in October, traditionally November is a time of celebration for the past growing season. Thanksgiving is the culmination of this, and includes gratitude for many things beyond just sufficient food.

My November contest is in that spirit of gratefulness and abundance.

I made a […]

September Contest Winner

Yeah, it’s taken me forever to post this. Sorry. Getting ready for 2 shows back to back, one of which requires me to clean my house thoroughly, has kept me really busy. Anyway…

Congratulations to Joyce, the winner of the September contest for the starry earrings! Check out her blog – Joyce takes some amazing […]

October Contest-Free Bracelet

It’s fall. Although the grass is still green, browns, reds, and ochres predominate here in the hills of western New York. I decided that the prize for my free handmade jewelry contest this month should somehow reflect the autumnal season. In fact, this bracelet is a new design of mine.

I’ve had a few different […]

August Contest – Perseids

I am fascinated by the night sky. I’m also consistently amazed at how little I understand about it, but that’s another topic.

I live far from the madding crowd, so the sky offers itself to me easily. Every August we have a meteor shower called Perseids, so named because it appears to originate in the […]

July Contest

Although it’s not quite July yet, I’m announcing and starting the July contest.

Leave a comment of suggestions for Caitlin about transitioning Gavin to the new security blanket, and you’ll be entered into the contest. Each suggestion will get you one entry, so leave as many as you’d like. In order to be as timely […]