1 down, 1 to go

Before I had to leave to take Jack to advanced dog class (yes, we’ve gone beyond puppy class) on Tuesday evening I finished weaving LV’s baby wrap. With the natural cotton/hemp weft, every bit of Easter egg-y color is fully retained in this sweetly colored baby wrap.

Today I’ll start AT’s. Hers will look […]

How I spent my Easter vacation

I didn’t weave at all on Easter Sunday. But I do have a nice side shot of LV’s wrap, with a natural cotton/hemp weft, from my weaving on Saturday.

Instead, I started the day by giving Jack a springtime haircut. I intended to do before & after pix, but forgot the before so just […]

Making decisions

I think I mentioned that I have never before done any fall garden cleanup. Usually by now I’m too busy, too tired, too over-it-all. I changed that decision this year because my house is on the market & I think my gardens have to look at least somewhat presentable regardless of what month someone might […]

Feeling Good

I’ve been making good progress indoors and out without making myself crazy.

I finished the warp of three silk ‘huck checkerboard’ scarves, one of which was a special order. The one with the natural weft, which I was hoping would show off the checkerboard pattern of the design, was a bit disappointing to me. […]

Making Progress

I finally got the 3 silk gebrochene shawls fringed – almost 8 hours of solid fringe twisting! Then I washed, dried, & pressed.

I tried to show the 3 shawls, but their wefts were so close that the camera couldn’t really pick up the difference. One had a light silver-gray weft, one a bleached white […]