Much ado about nothing?

hole with mulch
On Tuesday I realized I had no way to know if anything I did had any impact on whoever made and was using the hole in my front garden. So I placed two light but long bits of bark mulch over it. No one can go in or out without moving that.

Surprisingly, nothing has budged in the last 2 days.  I don’t know what to make of that.  But I did think to bring out a ruler and take some pix to give you size reference for both opening width and depth.  Of course no idea how far down the hole goes beyond where my ruler fit easily.

hole width

hole depth

Staying outside, I’ve had some more beautiful flower blooms.  Although they were only here for a few days, the spiderwort offered intense color.

spiderwort blooms

My first formal roses – such a deep, rich red.  Wish their scent was as strong as the color.

red roses

I gave my daughter a striped mallow that was the same size as mine, and we planted them at the same time.  Hers is now big and lush, while mine is small and almost wimpy, but my flowers are still beautiful.

mallow bloom

Last but certainly not least, the clematis is starting to bloom.  I don’t know if this is two different colors or if the dark one will ‘bleach out’ with the sun.  Supposedly I got one pink (Nelly Moser) and one blue (Ramona).  Neither should be this dark…which is beautiful, just not what I expected.

clematis blooms

1 comment to Much ado about nothing?

  • The hole may have been abandoned by whatever was there just by you discovering it.
    Fill it in and go on. Chances are whatever dug it has another bolt hole somewhere anyway.
    The mallow is stunning! I’m not a big rose fan but that deep rich red certainly is an eye catcher. I picked up the Handwoven with your amazing cityscape in it. Wow!!!!

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