4 + 79 = ??

Of course we know that 4+79=83, but not in my world. Nope. 4 finished pieces + 79 bags = um…you can’t add those things together. But I did sew and string 79 bags in a few different sizes for packaging at my shows this year. Used about 60 yards of ribbon. Yes, 60 yards of ribbon.

79 handsewn bags for packaging

I got four more pieces woven and finished so far this month. All on the last handpainted warp I had. Again, this is living coral and turquoise in 8/2 tencel, but this time the yarn was all painted in skeins, not warps. This type of dyeing has its own beauty, although I think I prefer painted warps over painted skeins.

That being said, I’m happy with all four pieces. First up is a jacket woven with an 8/2 black tencel weft. I threaded the loom with a point twill, and used an M & W treadling. The weather has been so beautiful that I brought Lady Jane and Dolly both out in the evening for photos.

handwoven jacket with handpainted yarn in turquoise, coral, and black

Then I used some 16/2 (or maybe even 20/2) rayon in a lovely peacock color. I tried tripling the weft but that was too much, so used it doubled. I also decided I needed more just plain shawls, no sewing involved.

handwoven shawl in handpainted turquoise, coral, and peacock

I decided to weave 2 shortish and wideish cowls with the remainder of the warp. I changed the tie up and treadling, and used that doubled peacock yarn for the first piece.

handwoven cowl in turquoise and coral handpainted yarn

Then back to the black tencel for the last piece. I also decided for a closer shot so you can see more detail in this piece.

handwoven cowl in handpainted turquoise and coral yarn

So I have a total of 7 finished pieces, and 3 more off the loom awaiting my finishing. That’s why I decided to follow my wishes and put a warp for 8 more polka dot towels on the loom. This time in various blues. No sneak peeks!

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