Winning technique

Wow, wow, WOW!!

A reader who chose to email me instead of commenting suggested that I look at a website who’s owner had a long entry all about removing stray dye, although it’s specific to quilts.

I read the post, and the PDF document with the detailed directions, and honestly, I thought, “that can’t work.”

But today I decided to try it, since it seemed easier than almost anything else. Besides, what did I have to lose?

I modified Vicki’s process just slightly, using a dishpan instead of the tub and soaking the scarf only 4 hours instead of 12. I pulled the scarf out of the water and was amazed. No stray dye! No aura on the stripes! No blobs of dye left from previous!

striped scarf, wrapped

So I dried the scarf outside and pressed it. It will come to the show with me this weekend.

Think I might be hiding them there in the wrapping? Nope.

striped scarf, flat

Although it’s sort of impossible to show a whole cowl at once, I assure you that the white is clear white and the colors are all exactly where they belong.

Thanks, Margaret and Vicki!!

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