3 things at once

I have friends who have long commented on the fact that I am a multi-tasker and they are not. Despite the fact that I know what all the studies say, that multi-tasking is not efficient, I’ve been doing this since long before that term was coined, and I’m unlikely to stop now.

So here goes…

I got the 8 bumberet towels woven, each with a different weft color.

8 bumberet towels

They all still need to be hemmed and wet finished. I learned from this batch of towels that I like the previous 13-14 colors better than this warp, which is at least 18, maybe 19 colors.

It should come as no surprise to me (but it always does), the 2 remaining blue bumberet from my first batch and the 6 oranges attracted virtually no attention at last weekend’s show. Then again, very little did. The show was poorly attended.

I got an order for a custom baby wrap…my first in many months. So I want to get this woven up and out the door for the moms as soon as possible. Here’s bout 1 on the warping mill.

WC's wrap, bout 1

And bout 2 chained and in the box.

WC's wrap, bout 2

How yummy is that?!

Meanwhile, after much shilly-shallying (how’s that for an ancient phrase?), I decided I want to make a hand-painted tencel warp for my rigid heddle loom for my demo at the show next weekend. Of course, I don’t have such a warp prepared. So I measured out enough length for 2 scarves to hand paint, plus 2 small skeins, each to dye in a solid coordinating color. I’m going to get this done in between the baby wrap, ‘cuz I sometimes need a change of scenery/activity. No pix of the plain white 10/2 tencel. 😉

2 comments to 3 things at once

  • My, you ARE multi tasking! Nice to see more beautiful baby wraps in process. I suspect Trump is extending his depressing agenda right into the bedroom.
    Talk about a mood killer. 😉

    • Peg Cherre

      Theresa – Although I usually like to finish one thing at a time – it enables me to cross it off my list – sometimes life just doesn’t work like that. Those towels will sit until I get my sewing machine out for the baby wraps. I’ll sew up more of my packaging bags then, too. 😉

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