How nice was that?!

gifted iris

On Tuesday I was mowing my front lawn when a woman with infant twins came by in a stroller. She hurried past me so as to not interrupt my row, a nicety that was unnecessary. Then my daughter stopped by with her baby in a stroller, so I stopped mowing for a while.

When they left I returned to my mowing, and only then saw a baby bottle in the unmown part of the lawn. It was most assuredly not the type my daughter uses, so I figured it had to be from the woman with the twins. But I had no idea who she was to return it. So I set the bottle up on my steps so that it could be easily seen by someone walking or even driving by.

When I went to walk Jack that evening I noticed that the bottle was gone. Good, I thought, she came back and got it.

A few minutes ago I was sitting here in front of the computer when my doorbell rang. I was amazed when I answered it and there was the woman with the twins, holding a bouquet of iris. For me! As a thank you for ‘saving’ the baby bottle!

How incredibly nice, and how unnecessary. I will have to remember this kindness, and offer a simple unexpected thank you to someone.

Kindness. It’s what we can all offer, in our own fashion.

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