TerraNOTTA woven

I’ve been weaving like mad, but getting everything fringed, wet finished, and photographed takes time. So you’ll see one warp of scarves per post.

beaming terraNOTTA warp

First up is that TerraNOTTA warp. That’s the tencel that I hand painted in colors that were decidedly NOT what I wanted, and decided to overdye in blue. I thought it made sense to weave that warp off before I did the others, figuring that if I couldn’t make it work for me I’d have more time to dye and/or weave other things. Since I’d dyed it in two separate bouts, I decided to offset and lighten the warp with a gold rayon. Although I had dreaded the beaming, afraid that I’d have a real mess of knots, it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected as long as I took my time.

The colors in the warp reminded me of a peacock, so I decided to use a threading that has served me well several times before and that was reminiscent of leaves or feathers. Then I decided to weave the first scarf with a peacock blue weft to accentuate those thoughts even more. Wow, was it bright. Brighter than I would have liked.

terraNOTTA cowl flat

I ran out of the blue weft so ended up making it a long cowl, which was fine with me. Fortunately once the cowl was wrapped around the neck a few times it seemed toned down.

terraNOTTA cowl wrapped

Then I auditioned a few more possible wefts. From the bottom they are yellow, burgundy, periwinkle, silver, pink, and pale blue.

auditioning terraNOTTA wefts

I went with the pale blue, which was a 16/2 cotton, for the next weft. On one side of the scarf that pale blue really predominates. And I was surprised at how different the scarf felt with the cotton weft. Although it drapes well enough, it sure doesn’t have the hand of a tencel or rayon weft.

terraNOTTA pale leaves, tied

That pale blue made the scarf so light that I opted for black weft for the third scarf, and changed the treadling from leaves to a more geometric pattern.

terraNOTTA dark weft, flat

It was a real challenge photographing all three of these scarves. Being on Dolly didn’t do any of them any favors.

terraNOTTA light leaves, draped

terraNOTTA dark scarf, draped

I got these 3 scarves up in my Etsy shop on Monday morning. Everything takes so much time……

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