Triple oops Saturday

This afternoon has been a comedy of errors. After all, if you don’t laugh at your own mistakes, at least sometimes, you get too stressed out.

Let’s start with the good news. I finished weaving, wet finishing, pressing and labeling EB’s wraps. I’m sure a young Molly Ringwald would have just loved them. Is the reference to the 1986 Pretty in Pink too obscure? No matter, the wraps are lovely.

EB's 2 wraps

I wanted to compare the 10/2 mercerized cotton to the 8/2 unmercerized. Although there was a bit of difference in the amount it packed in, now that they’re wet finished I can’t feel a difference with my hands. Also, although mercerized cotton has a bit of a sheen to it, I was surprised to see that that subtlety is mostly lost to my eyes as well, unless in the bright sunshine and you’re looking closely.

I sent EB her PayPal invoice on Friday morning and was ready to mail her wraps on this morning, but I didn’t receive her payment. Odd, since I know she was eagerly awaiting them. Then she emailed me and said she’d not gotten the invoice. Odder still. So I logged into my PayPal account only to discover today’s first oops. Apparently I never actually sent the invoice – it was in my account as a draft. 🙁 Ok, fixed that mistake, but too late to get invoice out, payment back, and package to the post office by noon. Sorry, EB!

Something about that pink yarn made the lint under my loom really show up well. There’s always this much waste under my yarn after weaving baby wraps, it just doesn’t usually stand out so much.

loom lint

Then this afternoon I figured I’d start winding the next warp, baby wraps for LV & AT. I pulled out all their yarn. Uh oh, I need 2 tubes of pale blue and only have 1. So I went to my planning and order sheet. I see clearly that I need 10 ounces of this color and have none in stock. Since it comes in 8 ounce tubes, I need to order 2 tubes. But I only ordered 1! Crap! I wanted to call the order in to get it expedited, but it’s too late in the day and the store is closed. So I immediately went online and ordered the other tube. I emailed LV & AT with this info and the resulting unfortunate delay of at least a few days. Sorry, moms! Oops #2 for the day. 🙁

Next I decided to sit down and write this post. And when I did so I spilled half a mug of tea on my couch! Had to get out towels to sop up what I could, change both my pants and my sweatshirt, and sit on still more towels. Oops #3 for the day. 🙁

I’m glad I don’t have to handle any sharp knives to make dinner, only reheat soup I made yesterday. 😉

5 comments to Triple oops Saturday

  • Alma

    I guess I’m supposed to be appalled by the lint under the loom, but it doesn’t look like so much to me.

    Sorry your day went down the drain – – better days are coming soon!

  • Erica

    The ship was bound to change course sometime. Unfortunately, I’ve found you can only sail smoothly for so long! The pink wraps are really gorgeous!

    • Peg Cherre

      So glad you like the wraps, Erica. I think they’re just lovely. And fortunately none of my errors were big or irreversible, just small things that take up time.

  • Mother said there’d be days like this….
    I remember Pretty in Pink! And those wraps certainly are.
    Hopefully your Sunday will all be smooth sailing.

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