Weaving Blue Violet Scarves

I’m still working on bamboo cotton handwoven scarves. I really like this colorway of Tammy’s, which she calls Blue Violet. And it sure is. It even includes a nice deep green like the leaves of a violet. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Again, I wove each of the scarves on this warp slightly differently. Â On the […]

Moccasin Handwoven Scarves

Yikes! How has a whole week gone by without me posting?! Trust me, I have been keeping busy.

I was babysitting for my grand-dog for a week while my daughter was out of town. Baxter kept us all amused for 5 of the 6 days he was with us. Then he got bored and we […]

Bamboo Infinity

I finished the bamboo warp. I’d warped for two wide (20″) handwoven scarves or shawls in 100% bamboo yarn in a cool minty green.

I wove the first in a tabby, planning to make this one into an infinity scarf.

I decided to try something different to close this one. This bamboo yarn […]

New York Bamboo

Continuing with Jan’s scarf-a-day challenge (even tho I’m getting concerned about her) and my need to keep preparing for the upcoming show season, I completed four bamboo-cotton scarves over the weekend.

All woven with Tammy’s handpainted yarn, these are in a colorway she calls New York. The pinks and purples are nice and rich. […]

More Infinity Scarves

Olive Oil infinity scarf

NY infinity scarf

I’ve made two more infinity scarves, in two of Tammy’s handpainted colorways.

Both are handwoven from a bamboo-cotton blend — 2/3 bamboo and 1/3 cotton. Â I really like working with this blend. Â I like the way it drapes, I like the way […]