Back Online

After my last post I did receive the new modem from DishNetwork. Unfortunately I couldn’t activate it. A phone call to Dish, and the techies couldn’t figure it out so they had to send a real live person to my house. Four days later.

The technician worked on it for 2 hours before he […]

Comfy Cozy

I got a special order for a baby blanket. From a grandma. I asked questions about colors, fibers, sizes, and so forth, and grandma consulted with mom to make sure we’d get it right. The decision was cotton flannel in a custom dyed blend.

So of course I went to Tammy, my wizard with […]

Braided Baby Blanket

My niece is having a baby. Her first. It’s a girl. Sure I could have gone to Babies R Us and bought something off her registry, but I didn’t want to do that.

I’m a weaver. I wanted to weave her something. No not something, I wanted to weave her a baby blanket. I […]

Cuddling Babies

Despite the fact that my grandson gave me a terrific virus (a trade I’d make again in a heartbeat for a chance to watch him), what can be sweeter than cuddling a little one? Not much, in my book.

I had a customer request a handwoven baby blanket for her new preemie granddaughter. Particularly because […]

Lullaby Handwoven Baby Blankets

Early this month I got a repeat order from one of my customers. She wanted me to make her a baby blanket, in blue and white, out of bamboo cotton. Some months ago she’d purchased one in pink and cream for a baby girl. She loved the look, and the softness of the fiber, and […]