New Year Looms, 2014

Every year Meg over at Unravelling asks weavers to post photos of their looms on New Year’s Day. In all their glory — or not. No glamming things up for the shots. Here are my looms, now numbering four (gasp!) as is and where they sit.

First in my home and my heart, my beloved […]

Missouri Loom Set Up

Lee has acquired a new Missouri loom, and like me when I got mine, has lots of questions about how to set it up. Also like me, she’s finding that there isn’t a lot of info available on it, so I’m trying to assist with photos. So many weavers have been so generous with their […]

Not the Same

You may recall that back when I was watching my grandson for a week I brought the Missouri loom with me, with a rayon warp already wound on the back beam. Without thinking about it, I had warped it with enough length for four huck lace scarves. In solid black. Black is clearly the most […]

Home again, home again jiggity jig

Red & I are happy to be home again. We had a great time in Rochester playing with & caring for my grandson, but as Dorothy learned, there’s no place like home…sleeping in our own beds, taking our usual walks, knowing where everything is. And I just watched 3 deer make their way across […]

New Year Looms

No, not the new year is looming, but rather what my looms look like as the new year dawns. The idea of photographing your loom(s) on New Year’s Day has become an annual invitation by Meg over at Unravelling, and this is the 2nd year I’ve joined the fun. Without further ado…

Above, the […]