November Contest

Although here in the northeast our gardens are pretty much done in October, traditionally November is a time of celebration for the past growing season. Thanksgiving is the culmination of this, and includes gratitude for many things beyond just sufficient food.

My November contest is in that spirit of gratefulness and abundance.

I made a […]

Talisman Earrings

A good friend asked me to make her a pair of talisman earrings to improve her memory.

I know this woman well so didn’t need to ask too many more questions. I knew that I really needed to focus on memory, but also wanted add other gems for mental functioning.

So I did my […]

My Knees Are Better!

I’ve been carrying my healing talisman for my knees during all my waking hours for three weeks now, and all I can say is, “WOW!”

My knees feel SO much better!

Now, I can’t claim that use of the talisman deserves all the credit, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s at least […]

Oh, My Aching Knees!

I have bad knees.

They often ache, don’t like standing for long periods, often refuse to bend tightly, and on occasion complain loudly about kneeling. Why?

In reality, it’s because my knees are as old as I am, and they have carried too much weight most of their lives. I also think there’s […]

And the winner is…

…Jane, of Canastota, NY. Jane’s entry in April’s contest to win a free gemstone talisman earned the most points – 327! The moss agate talisman should arriver at her door within a few days.

I admit it, I learned a lot with this contest, mostly about what NOT to do again. I promise, the next […]