My Knees Are Better!

I’ve been carrying my healing talisman for my knees during all my waking hours for three weeks now, and all I can say is, “WOW!”

My knees feel SO much better!

Now, I can’t claim that use of the talisman deserves all the credit, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s at least partly responsible for the dramatic improvement.

Prior to making the talisman, my left knee ached most of the time. It would become stiff very quickly, requiring me to rise out of a chair slowly and take initial awkward steps until the knee started functioning normally. I was applying my herbalist friend’s arnica oil at least twice daily to reduce both pain and inflammation. My knee was quite visibly swollen, and I couldn’t sleep in my usual positions because my knee objected, sometimes loudly. I was taking a hot bath just to soak my knees in the warmth at least twice a week.

Now, just three weeks later, my knee is not completely recovered, but it is DRAMATICALLY improved. I don’t use the oil every day. I can sleep in my preferred positions about half of the time. My knee is nowhere near as stiff when I get up from sitting.

Sure, I still have to pay attention to it. It still doesn’t like me to kneel or squat for more than a minute or two, which is a bit of a problem with all my gardening. And my sleep isn’t completely as I’d like it to be. But hey, it’s only been a short time.

I’m certainly going to keep carrying my healing talisman for my knee, in my left pocket whenever possible (it’s my left knee that’s bad), for some time to come. And keep being kind to this joint that carries me through my life.

Learn about how gemstones can enhance healing, and if you think a talisman could help you, contact me and I’ll gladly create one just for you. It will contain healing gemstones chosen especially for you, and will be of a size and shape appropriate to you, your lifestyle, and your personal taste.

(There’s no photo with this post, ‘cuz trust me, even with the swelling down, you do NOT want to see my knees!)

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