Early June

I’m going to get this post written in less than 30 minutes, which is much quicker than usual. That’s all the time I have, since I have to go pick up my grandson from school then. Usually I could finish the post when I got back home in an hour or so, but today I won’t be coming back here. I’m on grandma duty until about 6pm tomorrow, when I’ll hand them off to their other grandma so that mom and dad can have a much-needed weekend away to celebrate their recent anniversary.

So. Here goes. Let’s start with a nice shot of my yard. Japanese dogwood on the left, (non-fragrant) red rose up against the garage center, climbing hydrangea on the right.

kousa dogwood, roses, climbing hydrangea

Have these 3 plants bloomed at the same time in prior years? Undoubtedly. But I never previously noticed. Or at least didn’t take a photo of them in their glory.

A few days later I noticed that my dogwood was – unshapely. Others I saw on my morning walks were more well shaped, with a fuller crown. So I decided I should prune mine. This is not something I ever claimed to be good at, but my previous success with shrubs convinced me I could try. (And this after I’d really screwed up with what had been a lovely clematis in front of my garage. Sigh.)

kousa dogwood, trimmed

Although I found it a bit difficult to remove all those beautiful blooms, I knew if I didn’t do it right now, I’d lose the initiative and it wouldn’t get done this year. And I know that it can take a few years to see the beneficial of selective pruning. Wish my little tree well. I’m hoping that next year it will fill out a bit in the ’empty’ spots and will lead to that fuller crown that’s so beautiful. Then I can do a bit more shaping of the remaining leggy bits.

Like the rest of the northeast, here in Rochester, NY we had a few days of really horrible air for a few days as a result of the fires in Canada. I had to keep my windows closed and wear my N95 mask for my walks. Wednesday was the worst day by far. Here’s what the sun looked like at 7:45 that morning.

smoke in the morning sky

I did get my lovely Little Free Library registered. After a few days I got the official signage and posted it on the front.

Little Free Library with sign

On my morning walk on Thursday I happened to see this little storefront that I hadn’t seen before.

Provisions storefront

They weren’t open then, so I walked back in the afternoon. It turned out it was only their 3rd day of being open, and I was impressed. In only 400 square feet they’d managed to nicely display many locally-made or grown items: artisanal sourdough bread, maple products, meats, eggs, cheese, produce, and more. I’m hoping this works out well for them. I bought a loaf of bread, some lettuce, a bunch of asparagus, and some cheese. I will have to stop back and give them more support.

I did get those hugs woven – you saw the 2 bouts on the warping mill in my last post. They need to be hemmed before I take any photos of them.

Remember all those empty spools and cones in the last post? I also got those towels woven, wet finished, hemmed and photographed. Then, for the final piece, I got them up in my Etsy shop. I wove 4 of them with a goose-eye treadling, 4 with an MW treadling. All 8 have different weft colors.

8 Play on Rainbows towels

And now my time is up. Gotta run.

Closing shot – another red rose, likely the same variety as the one in the earlier photo. Both were here when I moved in. They look nice, but no fragrance at all. 🙁

rose by the chimney

3 comments to Early June

  • Judy Tutuska

    Your 2 striped towels were a HUGE hit and will be well-loved!

  • Judy Tutuska

    Love the garden colors and look of your blooms! Is the climbing hydrangea growing up the trellis Russ made and Mike reworked for your new home?
    I bet your pruning will be great! Keep it up for a couple of years and you’ll have just what you want.
    The smoky skies were so bad here too… I could taste the smoke so also wore a good mask for limited time outdoors.
    Your little free library is so awesome. I’m happy the registration went through quickly.
    And I love your stripey towels and will definately order a couple as gifts.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Judy. I’m feeling reasonably confident about pruning that dogwood. I may not be able to shape it just like the image in my mind, but I know I won’t really do it any damage, either. 😉 Sometimes that’s the best you can hope for in life.

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