September 1

11 cones of yarn in a bag

That probably looks like I broke my vow and bought more yarn. But I didn’t! Back in January I won a gift certificate to Daft Dames, a local yarn store, at the Weavers’ Guild 75th Anniversary Show. As I mentioned in my last post, I was in the mood to weave more circles, and wanted to make towels to bring to the Holiday Sale, but didn’t have colors that moved me. So I decided it was time to go spend that gift certificate.

I looked at my stash of unmercerized cottons, made a list of colors I needed/wanted, and took a ride. This is what I came home with. I plan to start winding a warp tomorrow.

Today I’m making paper…some series of 4 similar pieces to insert into aperture cards to sell as sets at the Holiday Sale. These pics are for 3 different groupings of 4. From the top, geranium petals, thread-leaf coreopsis petals, and cedar imprints.

paper with geranium petals

paper with coreopsis petals

paper with cedar imprint

More pressing of these sheets is needed. Had to leave to go host Open Studio at the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center. Plan to make more when I get back home. And I had to totally guess at how to position things on the paper, as only a portion of each sheet will show in the cards, so maybe they’ll work well and maybe they won’t.

While at the Center I’ll be hemming those towels I cut off the loom on Tuesday – you saw the stripes in the last post. No pix of finished towels yet.

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