Use what you have

What we have here in Rochester, NY is snow. So use that snow!

I purchased a dozen plain, undyed, 100% cotton towels specifically for this purpose.

Then I used the formula of Kathrin Weber for snow dyeing. 2 cups soda ash to 1 gallon water for soaking. Lots of snow, dye on top. No drainage; let the towels sit in the muck as the snow melts. Leave them sitting there for a day after the snow is all gone.

I have to tell you, my reaction to the towels immediately after dyeing was quite different from what it was at the end. I dyed 4 in the first batch and rather hated them when they were done, so I only did 2 in each of the next batches, trying different techniques. As it turns out, those first 4 are stunners! Here they are, and the dyes I used…named Into The Fire.

Into The Fire snow dyed towels

dyes used for Into The Fire

The next batch? Too bright, too…just too much for my tastes. Here’s Bright Reflections and their dyes.
Bright Reflections snow dyed towels
dyes used for Bright Reflections

Then I wanted the colors to ‘break’ and to complement each other, so purposely chose dyes that I knew were mixes of several other colors. I got lots of muddiness, IMHO. Dark Woods and their dyes.

Dark Woods snow dyed towels
dyes used for Dark Woods

These last 4, although dyed in 2 different batches with slightly different colors, look similar enough. And are lovely to my eyes. Spring Will Come – and the dyes I used for the 2 batches.

Spring Will Come snow dyed towels
dyes used for Spring Will Come 1
dyes used for Spring Will Come 2

I will be posting these towels in my Etsy shop later today or tomorrow. Who knows if they’ll sell? If not, I’ll have a bunch of new towels in my closet – thinner and stiffer than my handwoven towels but they dry well.

6 comments to Use what you have

  • Peg, they are beautiful. I would think they’d all sell. I’ve done a lot of ice dyeing but never snow dyeing as we get very little snow in the valley, would have to go up in the mountains to gather snow and bring it back home. I’m out of things to dye but I suppose I should keep scarves or such on hand just in case we get enough snow. How great that you’re making the best of that snow.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Cindie. No nibbles on Etsy yet. Not surprised…it’s a challenging selling model. I’ve done some ice dyeing, too, and don’t find it different than snow dyeing, except that I have to pay for the ice because I can’t make enough ice and hold it in my little frig freezer.

  • Alma

    The horizontal firebirds and the April, come she will are super!

    • Peg Cherre

      You’re right, Alma, they are Firebirds. And I know the April, Come She Will from Simon and Garfunkel. But is it an older song than that?

  • Judy Tutuska

    I’m with you Peg… Into the Fire and Spring Will Come are indeed winners!

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