One Problem at a Time

Today is the last day of February. And a few months ago I said – to myself and my blog – that I needed to weave/craft my 2021 Christmas cards in February. But I wasn’t inspired to do so. Nothing struck my fancy. Then late Friday I got the idea. I knew what I would weave for the cards. I found the draft I needed, decided on the fiber, and calculated the amounts needed for warp & weft.

The draft I settled on is a 4-shaft weave. I haven’t done 4-shaft weaving in a long time, but this draft is perfect. (I’m not sharing anything about it here so that everyone who gets my cards will be surprised.) So that solved the first problem.

Then, of course, came the next problem. It only makes sense to warp up my little counterbalance loom for this project so that I can keep weaving towels on my Macomber. Not only has the little loom sat unused for many months, but it’s become a stationary holding zone for stuff.

counterbalance loom covered

Completed weaving, ties for use on my warping mill, a basket made from paper bags, and more…it’s all been ‘stored’ on the loom. Where will I put all that stuff in order to use the loom? I am firmly in the if-you-have-to-move-it-you-have-to-put-it-‘away’ camp, but where is ‘away?’ That’s why that stuff is on the loom! Sigh.


Unrelated to weaving, despite what I said in my recent post, I decided I really had to make another batch of sourdough bagels for my freezer. After all, I’d given away many of the first batch. And I’d gone shopping and bought some Everything Bagel seasoning. And my daughter gave me the helpful hint of setting the boiled bagels on a cooling rack to dry for just a few minutes before putting on the parchment to bake.

2nd batch of sourdough bagels

Look – they all have holes! I enlarged those holes before I boiled in an attempt to keep them. This batch has the same great texture. And nothing stuck to the parchment. Unfortunately, that Everything Bagel seasoning is VERY salty. And I love salt, so you know it’s salty! Can you see me shaking my head?

New topic – I finished knitting my gansey motif socks. I’m happy with them, although I do hope the pointy-ness of the right toe settles out in the wash.

hand knit gansey socks


Closing with a sneak peek. Here’s a batch of towels fresh off the loom, with the ends secured on my sewing machine and ready for the washer, dryer, pressing, and hemming. They’ll go up in my Etsy shop when they’re done.

sneak peek of peeps towels

3 comments to One Problem at a Time

  • Judy T

    Love this all Peg! I can almost taste those bagels and can’t wait to see those finished towels…they look like a taste of Springtime!

  • Alma

    Nice towels, nice bagels, nice socks!

    So your loom has become a treadmill, hunh?

  • Jennifer Petschke

    I repeat YOU ARE AMAZING! How can you THINK about Christmas in February? I’m glad the bagels turned out with great texture and you made a batch for your freezer. I look forward to seeing and purchasing from this new batch of towels!

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