Dyer’s remorse

It was actually just moments after I finished the dyeing of those last warps and skeins that I decided I should have done it differently. I should have dyed some bouts only in coral and some only in turquoise.

Amazingly for me, I actually had an 8/2 tencel warp measured for dyeing, dyeing I had planned to do months ago and then got too busy to get to. Wide enough for a scarf. So I just made 1 small bout of yarn the same length to use for a few narrow stripes. Despite being really busy this week, after playing grandma all day yesterday, I went down to the basement and dyed these 2 bouts.

hand painted turquoise warp

After seeing how the last batch dried, my goal was to make the live coral a bit more pink and a bit stronger colored. We’ll see if I succeeded.
hand painted live coral warp

The yarns batched overnight, soaked for several hours today, rinsed till the water ran clear this afternoon, and are currently hanging to dry. I really want to get the scarf on the loom and see what I think.

It’s too early to tell if I will like either or both of these dyed warps. I’ll share with you no matter what. Maybe others can learn from my experience.

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