3 more done

Another new thing to try for me, suggested by a fellow weaver…using a mixed warp of cottons and rayons for the warp with a bit of rayon chenille thrown in, and then rayon chenille for the weft.

My warp contained four cottons in various sizes and colors, one vintage rayon boucle, and one commercially-dyed rayon chenille. I tried to wind them using a warping paddle, but I had no ‘paddle’ experience and felt like I needed at least one more hand to make it work. Then I tried simply winding all 6 together, but the rayon boucle was behaving badly. So I wound 4 strands of the cottons the length I needed, changing the colors of those cottons to some extent, and separately wound the boucle and the rayon chenille together. I used 2 sets of lease sticks and beamed them together.

mixed warp, forest shawl

Although my weaver friend setts hers at 12EPI, I wasn’t brave enough to go there, so I sett my warp at 15EPI. My friend cautioned me to not beat firmly or my fabric would be too stiff. Hmmmm, I said. I tied up the first piece as a point twill and set about weaving, beating gently.

This shawl is very cushy – thick and warm. I liked the way the weaving pattern looked, but wanted to see more of that warp. Plus the whole thing was darker than I had in mind with that weft, and I was concerned that I had some 4-end and 5-end floats so I decided I’d make this into a typical fringed shawl instead of the jacket I had planned.

mixed warp, oatmeal jacket front

For the second piece I changed the tie up so that there were shorter floats – nothing longer than 3 ends – and used an oatmeal bamboo chenille. Ooo la la, I really liked this, so wove enough length for this one to be the jacket. Soooo soft and drapes beautifully.

mixed warp, oatmeal jacket back

I had enough warp left for a big cowl. This time I picked a golden rayon chenille for weft, and really like this color, too.

mixed warp, big cowl down

And here’s the conehead picture with the cowl up.

mixed warp, rayon chenille weft

This makes 14 pieces completed this month! And still, from July to now, I’m just on track with my goals, on average. Sigh.

I can’t wait to see what the reaction is to my new pieces at the show this weekend.

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