Zooming along

I’m weaving as fast as I can, so lots of other things aren’t getting done. Dust bunnies are building up around my house like mad. Seemingly simple things like setting up glam shots for my finished pieces – one piece at a time with a nice clean background – doesn’t happen. The good news is it’s working. I’m getting lots of weaving accomplished. So without further ado, here’s more that I’ve finished so far this month – up to 11 finished pieces – Woo Hoo!

First up are 3 rayon chenille scarves; I’m calling them Paint the Town Red.

Paint the town red scarves

I wove these on the Missouri which is stationed at the pop up shop. From left to right is a short cowl, a long cowl, and a long scarf. The long cowl is already spoken for. 🙂

I just finished weaving a rayon chenille warp. Here it is while beaming…you can see the ladder ribbon which I’d planned to use as supplemental warp. Had only done supplemental a little bit before, and wasn’t sure if I’d like it.

beaming Forest to Ming rayon cheniille

I still wasn’t sure as I wove. The ladder ribbon was decidedly un-lovely. But, as it was supplemental (not essential to the cloth; could be removed after weaving without any impact on the fabric), I kept going on it.

Well. I know my newest baby is often my favorite, but I am particularly fond of these pieces. The ladder ribbon ‘jumped’ out during the wet finishing stage, and looks great, IMHO. Here’s the mobi, front and back, on Dolly, who I think wears mobis slightly better than Lady Jane.

rayon chenille mobius with supplemental warp, front

rayon chenille with supplement mobius, back

And the jacket, front and back, on Lady Jane, who definitely wears the jackets better.

rayon chenille jacket with supplemental ribbon, front

rayon chenille jacket with supplemental, back

And worst of all pictures, the cowl, up and down. The first one is decidedly not color correct, but it’s the best I could do. I kept it because it does show that I used each of the warp colors in the weft, in a rather random manner.

rayon chenille large cowl, down

rayon chenille large cowl, up

This cowl may be spoken for. I’ll know for sure soon.

Gotta get back to the loom – 3 more pieces measured, ready to beam!

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