Up against it

I had an order for 3 custom towels. So I put on a warp for 10. Or so I thought.

up to the end of the warp

This is how my warp ended. I could not get the shuttle through that opening any more. And I know that the last towel is really too short. So is one of the earlier towels where I ran out of the weft yarn much sooner than I’d thought.

That means I’ll get 8 decent-sized towels, 3 of them already spoken for. Not what I’d hoped.

Unrelated, I’ve decided that I spend FAR too much time on Facebook. The recent bruhaha has convinced me to just let it go. I’m not going to cancel my account just yet, but I’m committed to not opening the app for a week. Then we’ll see what happens.

Update: Hah! Realized I can neither close my FB account nor simply not log in…I am committed to doing regular posting for the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center. I can, however, simply log in, do that post, and close the window without looking at anything. That’s the plan.

6 comments to Up against it

  • I take a half dozen long warp threads at one corner of the short towel, and braid them – loop the braid back around to the corner and sew it down. That makes a nice ‘hanging loop’ – and, waalaa… a finger towel.

  • Peg Cherre

    Theresa – I’ve only been on FB for about 2 years – tried it out as a means of promoting the business. Realize it doesn’t really do that. Although I’ve gotten some good weaving inspiration there, I can get it elsewhere with less pain.

    Cindie – I think I may call them breadcloths. It’ll depend on their specific dimensions after wet finishing.

    Amanda – Nice thought, but way too big for washcloths.

  • Amanda

    Would the too short towel work as washcloths?

  • I guess you’ve got a couple towels for yourself – I always try to look at it that way if I end up with a short towel. Or you could sell them as breadcloths.

    I’m one of the few that never went on FB. I kept thinking I should just to see family & friend pix and possibly have another outlet for my weaving but then I’d hear about the ugliness from friends so I’ve never gotten on. I’ll live without seeing those pix. I can get on public business FB pages if there’s something I want to see concerning that business. Don’t miss not being a part of FB.

  • You certainly got all you could out of that warp though Peg! I pretty much weaned myself off of Facebook months ago. Just sick of it all frankly. I only stay on because the Border Terrier breeder I am on the waiting list for updates her facebook page. I actually was doing the 14 day waiting period to have it all deleted. I do so little on it anyway.

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