Jumping back

I think I’m done with a concept or a fiber, but then I’m not.

black & white pinwheels scarf

I’d woven hand painted black and white tencel scarves in December, and black and white shawls in January. Then last week I decided I needed to jump back and revisit black and white, this time in crisp delinations. I haven’t woven pinwheels in a few years, and decided it was time to revisit this 2-shuttle weave. I stuck with 8/2 tencel, but didn’t dye anything myself. Took me several days to get to the fringing. Yesterday I wet finished and pressed 2 scarves and a long cowl.

black & white pinwheels cowl

I had thought I was done with rayon chenille for a while, too, but apparently not. As soon as those black & white scarves were off the loom I jumped back again and wound a warp for 2 rayon chenille shawls. I am committed to using stash yarns, so went with several blues for this warp. (I have A LOT of blues, purples, reds, and earth tones, so we’ll see more rayon chenille in the coming months. My gem tones always sell so much better than my earth tones; I must try a different combo of them – or something.)

Anywhoo, here’s the latest blues rayon chenille shawl.

rayon chenille shawl, in blues

Now that I’ve got the whole mobius thing figured out, I’ll make more of them. Here’s this one, in which I used 4 different wefts in wide stripes.

rayon chenille mobius, in blues

I am mentally committed to weaving lace next. In cotton. I’m working on design and calculations now, and should be able to start measuring that warp tomorrow.

7 comments to Jumping back

  • All so pretty. I have a dogwood pattern in huck I’ve wanted to do for a number of years, but next up, a double wide blanket warp for spring/summer weaving. Then maybe a dogwood huck shawl in natural cotton. Love the pinwheels. I have no patience to do them myself so I am in awe of anyone who does and yours look perfect!

    • Peg Cherre

      I’ve woven that dogwood lace pattern before. It’s lovely. You know, I avoided 2-shuttle weaves like the plague for years, but since I did s.l.o.w. deflected doubleweave scarves and lived to tell about it (and I know I’ll do them again in different colors), I thought I’d do the pinwheels again. It’s been years. And interestingly it didn’t seem so awful to me this time.

  • Alma

    Wow – The blue looks like velvet, the color is so rich.

    At first glance I thought the pinwheels were houndstooth. Pinwheels are even better!!

  • Judy T

    Oh those pinwheels in crisp black and white!!!
    Lovely mobius… can’t wait to see one of those in person after seeing your first attempt at one.

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