Getting happy

We all have bad days. I had a few in a row, and after waiting for my head to turn around on its own, I decided I had to do something to make it. For me, that’s almost always about action. Sometimes a wonderful walk will take care of it, sometimes it’s being around friends; this time they weren’t enough.

So I decided I needed to wind a warp that was really colorful and would make me happy. I quickly decided on a multi-colored cotton warp that I would weave in a huck lace variation, like the ‘huckish’ shawls I did in 2013 & 2014.

I opened bins and pulled out several colors, mostly cotton, mostly 10/2 with some 8/2 and an occasional 5/2 thrown into the mix, and started winding a warp. Here’s bout 1.

happy warp, bout 1

It makes me think of sherbet and Easter eggs and springtime in general. All pleasant things that make me smile.

I just changed colors when the mood struck me, no order, no advance planning.

In addition to the colors, winding this warp made me happy as I’m seriously committed to using up stash this year, and this uses yarns I haven’t looked at in many moons.

Here’s bout 2.

happy warp, bout 2

I made the warp long enough for one regular and two mobius shawls. Although I haven’t yet planned the wefts, my intent is to use rayon or tencel, probably a different color from my stash for each piece.

Here’s the entire warp going on the back beam. I won’t get these woven to count for my February total, but they’ll be a great start for March.

beaming the happy warp

Besides, I already showed you 5 finished pieces for February and have 3 more that are just awaiting wet finishing and pressing. I will definitely get them done tomorrow!

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