Learn by doing

Laura Fry, who I follow both through her blog and via Facebook, reposted this from Sophie LaBelle. I never heard of Sophie before, but google her and you’ll find her great cartoons.

Anyway, regardless of what you do, either creatively or repetitively, I found this story worthwhile enough to post again here.

quantity versus quality

While I always try to do my best at my weaving, and I am rather OCD, I know that I am nowhere near the perfectionist that some others are.

Unrelated – or at least mostly unrelated – I recently traded out some of my weaving at the Copper Shop on the Roycroft Campus. I was feeling a bit, um, disheartened that I only get 60% of the sale price of each item. Then one night when I couldn’t sleep I did the math in my head. I knew what my total sales were at my recent wonderful show at Chautauqua. And since I’d just entered the data into QuickBooks, I had a pretty solid idea of my expenses, too. So, if I count only my direct costs – jury fee, booth fee, van rental, meals, and the like – what percentage of my total sales did I actually end up with? 70%. That’s right…without counting a penny for the time of my three days at the show, my actual expenses were 30% of my total sales. And this was at a really great show. (FYI the next day I confirmed the actual numbers when I was in front of the computer, and I was dead on with my figures.)

It made the 40% that the Copper Shop takes seem totally reasonable. After all, they have to maintain a staff and has all the overhead of a permanent bricks and mortar store. Put my head back in a good place, and makes me want to send them more of my new work before the end of September when there’s a show on the Campus.

Next time you’ll see photos of my weaving, I promise. If you’re dying for a weaving fix, go visit my Etsy shop…I’ve put up two rayon chenille shawls in the past few days.

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