Four more attempts

I am nothing if not persistent. After 4 attempts with the RALA logo I was not about to give up.

First I tried the same method as for attempt #4 – using my rigid heddle – this time paying very close attention to the width of the weaving and pulling each pick very tight. I don’t think attempt #5 is any better than #4.

pickup attempt 5

So I had to try a different method. I got rid of my rigid heddle and made continuous string heddles, because then I could make the threads be closer together. Never having done it before, I fumbled several times before I got this right.

continuous string heddles

Finally in place I set about weaving with the continuous string heddles. It was not easy, and it was not good. WAY too close together. The spaces were basically invisible.

logo attempt 6

The new weaving was about 1″ wide, the old weaving about 2″ wide. So clearly I needed to aim for 1.5″ wide. I spread my string heddles farther apart and tried again. Still not acceptable.

logo attempt 7

More thinking, more exploration, more decision making. Finally decided I’d make a rigid heddle with strings. I got an old 3×5″ picture frame, made myself a jig with some wood and wire brads, and tied 50 string heddles around the frame. Here they are all shoved together.

homemade rigid heddle

I marked the frame for about 3.5″ wide and threaded the heddles, spreading them apart to that width, tied onto the front apron and started again.

homemade rigid heddle in action

Although I made a few errors in the pickup, I am FINALLY happy with the design!

logo attempt 8

So now I have to measure out my ‘real’ threads and start again. They are not exactly the same size as the trial strings, so I may have to make more adjustments. Stay tuned!

In addition to all this obsessive-compulsive behavior, I’ve spent a lot of time at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center helping to move from one storefront to another in the same strip mall. The new space is bigger and newer and looks great.

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