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trunk full of leaf mulch
Two weeks. Where does the time go? I’ve been busy, but apparently haven’t blogged. I took advantage of our early spring weather and shovelled 10 buckets of free leaf mulch for my garden, and bought bags of composted manure from the local Agway. Planted early lettuce blend, sugar snap peas, and carrots. Then planted golden beets, spinach, and Red Russian kale. They’re all starting to sprout now.

beaming orange bumberet

Using 13 colors, I measured and beamed another warp for six bumberet towels, this time in mostly oranges with a few other colors thrown in for good measure. Interestingly, what looks turquoise in the towels is very clearly pale blue on the cone, same value as the pale lavender. Color interaction is everything.

As usual for me, I wove each towel with a different color warp. I think this is the order I wove them in.

Pale orange weft:
pale orange weft

Medium ochre weft:

ochre weft

Dark rose weft:
dark rose weft

Dark orange weft:
dark orange weft

Salmon weft:
salmon weft

And the only color that isn’t also in the warp, red weft:
red weft

Here are all six twirled together. I like this shot of brightness.
all six towels twirled together

And all of them layered to show the comparison better, I think.
all six towels stacked

I spent a fair amount of time with that pale orange one doing a single row of needle weaving for a treadling mistake. Should have been simple, but it took me forever. Long enough to get the tops of my feet sunburned as I was doing the work outside to both enjoy the weather and have great light.

I’ve also taken a two-day workshop on weaving transparencies. More on that as soon as I get the last yard or so woven and off the loom. Gotta go weave now!

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