Supplemental Warp Workshop

I thought 3 days was too long for the Supplemental Warp workshop. Hah! It was perfect since there were only 4 of us. Had the other 2 weavers who had to cancel at the last minute been there, we would have either been pressed for time or not been able to go into the depth and variety that we did.

supplemental warp on my Missouri loom

The two most important things I learned were how remarkably versatile supplemental warp is, and that many designs can be accomplished quite well with a single back beam.

Each of us was given a different weave pattern to set up and thread on our looms, with the colors completely our decision. Mine was the only one with the supplemental warp threads all the way across the width. I decided to use what I thought was an ugly pinky-taupey-grayish yarn for my ground warp, and stripes of hand painted or variegated yarns for the supplemental warp, trying to use up bits of things.

Well, as it turned out that ground warp was sort of a perfect color. Depending on the weft used it was either dominant or would almost disappear.

more options on my warp

more different looks on my warp
We each had a chance to weave on the other 4 looms that were there (3 other students’ plus the teacher’s). Then we cut the warps off, with all of our sections in a row, and laid them out to discuss what we’d each done with color and treadling, and what we’d learned.

one supplemental warp sampler

Some were much longer than others. Some we all liked, some we didn’t.

3 more supplemental warp samplers

I had signed up for the class because I need to do some supplemental warp for my COE. Now I’ll do some just because I can and it’s cool!

I also got to weave on 4 other portable looms. Learned that I don’t like the Kyra (front levers too long and a PITA), a Baby Mac (great to weave on but too heavy to move reasonably), or a ….hmmm….what was her loom? But I did really like the Dorset. I’m going to keep my eyes open for one. If I find one reasonably I’ll buy it and get rid of both my Missouri and my counterbalance.

Oh yeah, I also got a hands-on lesson in how to cut off a warp when you’re not through weaving while preserving your tension and maximizing the length left. Not gonna try to explain it here, but if you want details, I’ll either provide them or find them online for you.

cutting warp with stick header

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