Color memories

They say that scents invoke the strongest memories. I don’t know whether or not that’s true for me. I can’t say that I remember having a powerful scent-related experience, but maybe I just don’t remember it. 🙂

Anyway, sometimes colors harken back to earlier times for me. More accurately, color combinations. This one –

capezio colors

– emerald green & royal blue – always reminds me of an era. I was in high school, and Capezios ballet flats were the shoes that the coolest kids had. I wanted a pair, but it was not to be. Were the Capezios these colors? Sometimes, but for reasons I can’t explain this color combo and Capezios are always connected in my mind.

The yarn above is the third bout for the next batch of 2 custom handwoven baby wraps, this time for LY and EK. I got all 4 bouts measured, the warp beamed, and threaded through heddles and reed and then took this photo. The light in the studio made for very accurate colors.

LY & EK's warp, threaded

I’ll be weaving LY’s wrap over the next few days. Unfortunately the loom will then sit and wait. The silk I ordered for EK’s weft over 6 weeks ago is STILL not in stock. They’re now saying it’ll be another few weeks. AARRGH!! Fortunately LY & EK are both very patient women and are willing to keep waiting.

So after I get LY’s woven I’ll either get back to updating my website or get the fabric woven (on my other loom) for my chair cushions. Both need my attention. So do some things around the house. Still, I’m frustrated. And have learned a lesson about confirming ability to get yarn before finalizing orders.

2 comments to Color memories

  • Alma

    Yes, blue and green were the preppy colors of the day – – in fact, I just finished a hat with blue and green stripes on white.

    And yes, they were Capezios that had that wonderful toe cleavage. I don’t suppose you remember the back hall at 908 Highland Street, back when Aunt Theresa lived there and all her shoe boxes were piled in the corner. Capezio, Pappagallo, good names all!

  • My favorite colors are those you are working. Aquas are water colors in the tropics where I spent most of my adult life. They will forever make pleasant brain waves happen in my head. I’ve added purples to the mix too and the three colors just send me to happy places.

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