My opinion on 3 wefts

On this last baby wrap warp I had the opportunity to use 3 different wefts for the 3 warps. I’m glad for this chance to review the 3 wefts.

First was a wrap with an organic cotton/hemp blend from The Woolery for weft. It’s the first time I’ve used this yarn. It was easy […]

I’ve got an inkling

Ok, not an inkling, an inkle. And it’s not mine, a generous woman in my Fiber Arts Guild lent it to me yesterday. (Note: an inkle is actually the band itself. This is an inkle loom.)

It’s not a great photo, but this Schacht inkle loom is so easy to weave on! I think […]

This & That

For the last few days I’ve spent my time weaving & weeding, and enjoying them both. All that construction took me away from both of these activities, both of which bring me joy.

Not only did I finish JJ’s short wrap, I only have 55″ left of NB’s to weave tomorrow! The weft for […]

Light to dark

JJ ordered 2 wraps from this warp – one on the short side and one quite short for a ring sling.

The first is that cotton/hemp blend of my last post. I want to clarify here that although I chose not to unweave the two heart motifs at the beginning of the warp, I won’t […]

First hemp-ish weft

JJ wanted me to use a new-to-me yarn for one of her wefts: an organic cotton/hemp blend. After I got the warp tied to the front apron I spread it and checked for any threading errors (none – yay!) with 3 rows of hearts with scrap tencel. Then I wove 5 hearts with the […]