Pop Quiz

This morning you get a pop quiz.

What is this a photo of? Or, if you prefer, how will it be used?

pop quiz photo

I’ve got to run to my job at Pfeiffer Nature Center or I’d tell you now. Instead I’ll keep you in suspense for the rest of the day.

Do submit your creative ideas on this one!

3 comments to Pop Quiz

  • sue o

    Looks as if it might be a home made sectional beam section since I see a hole drilled on the close end or it could be a raddle?

  • Judy T

    After some thought, I think I figured it out – but don’t want to spoil it for others so won’t say directly, but I believe it will be used for the fun project we spoke of when I last saw you…. cool! : )

  • Alma

    I suspect it has a weaving use, but I think it would make a good Braiding or macrame board – – tie the cords onto the hooks, and then carry on knotting . . .

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