Saturated Colors

My last batch of the hand painted bamboo-tencel blend yarn is Tammy’s North Shore. Again, I’ve used this colorway before, and I like it.

This time I remembered to make a simple threading pattern – just a large point twill.

First handwoven scarf (top)- yep, I stuck with the variegation for weft, too.

Green isn’t typically one of my colors – it doesn’t usually work well with my skin tone. As a result, I forget that other people like it, and I don’t order it as often as I probably should. Since I always sell the green I do weave, I had Tammy dye me some solid green to coordinate with this North Shore yarn to please my customers. That’s the middle scarf.

For the last scarf, I returned to a color in my palette – a bright, medium blue. If you look closely you can see that I modified the treadling pattern at the beginning (and end) of the scarf for about 8″. I thought it was too busy, so changed to a straight draw treadling for the rest of the scarf.

handwoven scarves, North Shore bamboo tencel

Your turn: what colors dominate your wardrobe?

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