Handwoven Rayon Chenille Scarves

When I use variegated yarn in my handwoven textiles, which is very often, I usually buy Tammy’s wonderful hand painted yarn. Every now and then space-dyed yarns just call to me, and I must succumb to their voices.

Before you ask, I have NO idea why space-dyed yarns are called that. All I know is that they’re dyed by machine, not by hand. And sometimes they’re called astro-dyed. If you know why this is their moniker, let me know – I’m always interested in the reasons for things.

Anyway, a few years ago I purchased about 24 ounces of a space-dyed variegation called Pumpkin Fields that I absolutely loved. Of course, I had purchased the very end of a discontinued color. I’ve been searching for it ever since. In vain.

But I did find a new variegation that I thought I’d really like, so I took the leap and bought 8 pounds. As soon as I hit the commit to purchase button, I had lots of buyer’s remorse. What if I hated it? What if it was poor quality or hard to work with? 8 pounds makes LOTS of scarves!

When I finally had the chance to weave with it, I was very pleased. It was high quality, easy to work with (at least as far as rayon chenille is ever easy to work with), and had lots of depth of color. It’s much more subtle than my usual color palette, but great for autumn. Or wearing over your camel coat all winter.
handwoven rayon chenille scarves-dusky woods

Because I was running really short on time before the Quaker Arts Festival, I warped my loom for only 2 scarves so I’d have time to get them woven off. The bottom scarf shows the same variegated yarn used for both warp and weft. For the top scarf I used a solid brick rayon chenille. I like them both.

I’ve already sold the top one, and haven’t yet had time to make more, so these scarves are not yet up on my website. As soon as I can get another warp on & off the loom, I’ll do more of these and then offer them with my other rayon chenille scarves. Till then, if you’re dying for one, leave me a comment and I’ll mail you one as soon as they’re available.

Your turn: what’s your fall clothing color palette?

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