Honeysuckle Vine

My dialup and limited time had caused me to stop visiting Carmi’s site, but I’m getting back in the habit.

His photo theme this week is orange. Although I missed capturing almost all of the July photos this year, I did catch a few good ones.
honeysuckle vine

This honeysuckle vine really draws the hummingbirds to its orange trumpets. I have it in a few places around the house, and like it. But it doesn’t compare to the variegated honeysuckle — although that’s not as showy, it smells really wonderful in the morning and evening when its in flower.

Your turn: play along with Carmi, or share what’s growing in your garden, regardless of color.

2 comments to Honeysuckle Vine

  • What an exquisite picture! Flowers always amaze me not only for their aesthetics, but for their incredibly rich ability to support all forms of life. It’s like a coral reef: it becomes the center of a veritable feeding frenzy.

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