Great Weaving Video!!!

One of my must-visit blogs is Laura’s Loom. Laura’s a very experienced weaver, and although everything she does isn’t in my style or repertoire, I find her both interesting and informative.

She’s just posted a few videos on YouTube, and now that I have high speed, I could actually check them out. I was really impressed!

Her video on throwing the shuttle is clearly the best 37 seconds I can imagine spending. I watched it several times, not believing what I was seeing. Her shuttle FLYS!!! Surely I couldn’t do that, could I?! Her technique seems remarkably simple — too simple to work.

So of course I had to try it immediately. OMG, it’s AMAZING!

I’m not yet able to move as fast as Laura, but using the “over the beater” technique has increased my speed dramatically. Although I’ve developed a number of techniques of my own over the years that have helped me improve my weaving speed and product, I don’t believe I would have come up with this simple move on my own. I’d been using the method I was taught, which includes “pinching” the selvedge with each throw of the shuttle to achieve nice, clean edges. I thought this was essential. I’d seen other weavers be successful without the pinching technique, but only those who use end-feed shuttles. I had considered buying new shuttles to increase my speed, but hated to spend the money and have my comfortable and beautiful boat shuttles relegated to the shelves instead of being used. I had no idea that simply changing where my arm was at the end of each row could accomplish the same thing with my boat shuttles.

If you’re a weaver, go watch Laura, then try it. Let me know if you’re as blown away as I was.

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