Quick, quick, slow

I think that’s the mantra when they teach people to dance some type of classic dance…quick, quick, slow. Might be the two-step. Or not. 😉

Anyway, this is post is about things that move quickly and things that move slowly.

Last post I promised photos of the 4 scarves I’d woven at the end of […]

Guess what I was doing?

Yep, dyeing. Specifically hand painting. And I have yet to find rubber or latex gloves that fit my small hands, resulting in my inability to do some things with gloves on.

This time I actually wrote down the ‘formula’ of amount of dye to urea water so I will know how much to […]

Making decisions

As Ben Franklin once said, the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Like everyone else, I much prefer the changes I choose to those that are thrust upon me. Still, I have to deal with those, too. And since I’m not a woman who believes in letting life simply […]

Fiesta to Sherbet

That yarn that I thought looked overwhelmingly bright, like a Mexican fiesta, turned into a lovely rainbow sherbet when I wove it in twill blocks with an undyed weft. The colors are a bunch more muted in real life than they appear in the photo.

I wish I’d woven both with that weft. Instead […]

Where does it go?

Time, that is. The days, weeks, and months just fly by. Two weeks from today I’ll be at my next show. YIKES!!! Do I feel prepared? Um, no. Will it be fine? I’m sure. I’ve not done the Clothesline Festival before, and have heard such wildly mixed reviews from others that I have no […]