Quack Quack to the rescue!

Unfortunately, Owl was not an acceptable substitute for Fishy.

After the first day, Jack routinely rejected Owl and kept wanting to play with Fishy, who was looking worse by the day. I thought about what made Fishy so attractive to him, and decided it was the combination of his size (which Owl matched) […]

Finding calm

I don’t walk along the bay every morning, but when I do it never fails to engage me. Even on foggy mornings like the one below, the bay is beautiful.

And in the early mornings, when I walk, it is quiet and peaceful, bringing me peace and calm. Very much appreciated in the […]

Mary Poppins lied

cool threads on a yucca plant

I have no comment on the spoonful of sugar thing, but when it comes to washing windows, well begun is most definitely NOT half done. Only half done is half done.

nice section of my morning walk-what’s around the bend?

When you have 22 windows to […]

Back up

After the last post my back healed. But then my stomach left me. Except for a few trips to the bathroom, I slept from 10PM on Friday night till 7AM on Sunday morning. My daughter graciously brought Jack to her house since I couldn’t walk him, or even hang out in my yard with […]

On beauty….and not

We have been dry, dry, DRY this summer. Add a winter with less-than-average snowfall, and you have a not pretty picture. So when we do get a bit of rain, the beauty is doubly appreciated. My melons are growing, and I’m hoping their taste is as thrilling to me as just watching them grow […]