Trying dyeing

WARNING: A long post with lots of photos. Leave now while you’ve got the chance. 😉

I need to start by showing you two wildflowers/weeds near my house. I’m hoping someone can identify at least one of them for me. The first is really sweet and small. You can see a portion of my foot […]

Quickies…..sort of

So I got the 5 shawls woven. Four are now fringed, washed & dried, awaiting only pressing. One more to fringe and wash.

The other thing I really needed to weave before my show this weekend is bookmarks. I wound a warp of 44 ends of white 5/2 cotton and threaded up the […]

It’s the little things that count

At least sometimes that title is true. This time, maybe not so much.

I decided I needed to weave a batch of bookmarks before that little, local show, making sure I had something small and easily affordable. So I warped up the loom and wove 25 bookmarks.

I chose to use mostly bits of […]

Making presents – and progress

We had our first Christmas celebration yesterday. Included were my two kids, son-in-law, grandson, both sisters, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, my nephew’s new fiance. It was a wonderful afternoon. The only thing that could have made it better was several more hours. I most certainly did not have enough time to visit with my niece, nephew, […]

Where does the time go?

How is it possible that another 10 days have passed without a blog post? Answer: I’ve been really busy.

Last weekend I had another great show in Buffalo. People were particularly interested in my scarves on Sunday, when the weather was cooler.

And next weekend I have another big show – Clothesline in Rochester.. So […]