Still Making Jewelry

I’ll be mostly working on jewelry for the next few weeks.

Once again, I’m really glad that I keep all my business records on QuickBooks; with a few clicks of the mouse, I could pull up a report from last year’s sales at Letchworth to give me some idea of how many pieces I […]

Back to Jewelry

My next show is the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Festival. This is the only juried show this year where I will have my jewelry. It’s also the last juried show that I plan to bring jewelry to. Period. From here on, weaving only. But I’m committed to jewelry on Columbus Day weekend.

I have very […]

Updating My Website

It never ceases to amaze me how much time I can spend doing work on my business that isn’t weaving. Â It’s pretty much always work that I think is important or I wouldn’t do it, but geez – I should be producing more finished products!

Since my last post I have updated several pages […]

Second Wind Survey

I like taking surveys. Online surveys and telephone surveys. Political surveys and consumer surveys. I have an opinion about lots of things, and am happy to give them to people.

I hope you feel the same way. And that you love a bargain.

I’ve created a really short survey to get to know my […]

Citrine Necklace and Bracelet

I liked the green garnet necklace so well that I just had to use the design for more than one necklace. I had some lovely citrine beads in that same pleasing flat oval shape, so modified the necklace slightly by using 14 karat gold-filled wire instead of the sterling silver.

Since I didn’t have […]