Diamonds & silk

Once I got that silk from my last post threaded, weaving went smoothly. Although as I noted, it was 20/2 silk, not the 30/2 silk I’d planned on. So the sett was closer than I’d have made it; as a result, the motif was substantially elongated instead of square. I figured as long as I was consistent, it was fine.

First up was a medium blue weft. It is my favorite of the three.

blue & sax silk diamonds

I’d planned on 1 fringed scarf, 1 long cowl, and 1 short cowl. The long cowl was the next up, and I used a red-violet weft.

red-violet and sax silk diamonds

For the short cowl I considered several weft options, finally settling on a burgundy weft. The warp color made the overall look much more brown than the burgundy on the cone, but I was okay with that. Because of the elongated design pattern and the fact that this cowl would be short, I changed the treadling. The only way I could show that pattern was with the cowl lying flat.

burgundy & sax silk

I used this weaving draft, my modification of a draft from, last summer, but apparently never posted either the draft or the finished scarves. So here’s the draft; if you have weaving software and would like a .wif file, let me know and I’ll happily email it to you.

diamonds weaving draft

Next up – one of my recently painted warps.

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