Towels & tootsies

I got 8 towels woven. Natural (unbleached & undyed) cotton threaded in point twill, 4 different tie ups, 2 of each weave pattern.

First I wove what I call a flower pattern. Wasn’t my favorite in real life, nor did I like dark that yarn – which was very cool on the cone – as much as I thought I would.

flowers weave draft

2 flower towels

Next I wove snowflakes. Started with a traditional blue, then went to some handpainted bamboo-cotton blend I’ve had hanging around for far too long. I was very happy to use up some stash yarn in small amounts, so went with more of that handpainted bamboo cotton for the next 4 towels.

snowflakes weave draft

2 snowflakes towels

For the 3rd pair I used a simple V weave structure. The warp is 8/2 cotton, and red-purple yarn is thicker than that. The green-purple yarn is the same weight, but the lighter colors don’t show the weave pattern as well.

double Vs weave draft

2 Vs towels

Last up was some Xs. I wasn’t at all sure about this, since I had used the draft once when I was doing baby wraps and wasn’t crazy about it, but in fact I really liked it for the towels. Again, the pattern shows up better with the darker color, but I really like the stripes on the yellow one.

Xs weave draft

2 Xs towels

Two of these towels will go to my friend, the rest into stock.

Now I wish I had more of that natural cotton. I can see something like that end-striped-towel in several colors, and by using a natural warp I can use up lots of odds and ends of nice hand painted yarn. The only downside is that the handpainted yarn (I didn’t dye it, I bought it) has a tendency to bleed in the wash. Could I wash all the yarn before I used it? I could, but I know myself well enough to know that I won’t. Anyhow, I don’t have much natural cotton left. Might pick up some at the Guild’s annual stash-reduction sale next month. We’ll see what people bring in.

On the needles, Friday night I finished a pair of socks I’d been working on. (Don’t tell me I don’t know how to have a good time on Friday night!) They look perfect with some of my favorite leggings.

new striped handknit socks

Finally, Cindie over at Eweniquely Ewe inspired me. Yesterday I got all the rest of the pre-accountant work done for my taxes. Ugh. But it’s done – yay! Just waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail.

Now I’m off to the warping mill to start working on this month’s weaving goal.

4 comments to Towels & tootsies

  • Such beautiful towels, all of them. I think my favs are the snowflake pair. How does the cotton bamboo ash up for towels? Those socks truly are perfect for the leggings!

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Theresa. I’ve not used the bamboo cotton for towels before (I’ve made mostly scarves from it), but it is not mercerized, and is a very soft 50/50 blend. Since I know they make bamboo towels, I’m pretty confident in it working well for towels.

      I love the socks and the leggings both!

  • Alma

    How did you ever manage to get the stripes to even out on the socks?

    The yellow towel is a show stopper!!

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Alma. I knit my socks toe up, so I simply do my best to start the yarn at a similar spot in the color run. This time I got REALLY close.

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