Sigh and sigh again

The yarn for my next 2 warps of baby wraps should arrive on Monday. Meanwhile I got my counterbalance loom ready for some Christmas presents. Measured 430 threads, threaded the heddles and reed, tied onto the front apron, and wove a few pics to test the threading. I didn’t see any, so I proceeded.

I got a few inches farther and darn! I had not one but TWO threading errors, both in the reed. (I’m showing the photo in black & white to retain some surprise.)

reed threading errors

I should have had 2 threads in every dent (slit) for the entire width. Unfortunately in the center of the warp I only had 1 thread, and on the left side of the warp I had 3 threads. (See the red arrows.)

I cut out the weft, untied the warp from the apron, and 1 bout at a time, corrected the threading from the center out to the left side of the warp.

Retie, weave again. POOP!! Now I have 3 threads in a dent in the center of the warp!! And only then did I notice that I had a heddle-threading error, too! (See the yellow arrow.)

Again, cut out the weft, rethread from the center to the left, fix the threading error, retie, and start weaving AGAIN.

Third time was the charm. I can’t show you more of what I’m weaving since they’re presents. I will tell you that I made lots of progress…until today. Not a shuttle thrown. Some fun, some work; some things went smoothly, some were very frustrating. I want to let go of the downside so won’t detail my frustrations.

I’m looking forward to finishing what’s on my counterbalance loom tomorrow, and receiving a lovely box of yarn.

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