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I can’t limit myself to one topic for this post…that might mean I should be posting more frequently, but then where would I find the time?

R & R's wraps, threaded

I got the warp for R & R’s wraps threaded through heddles and reed. Then I tied to the front apron and wove 2 patterns to see if I had any threading errors. I didn’t. (YAY) But I wove those 2 patterns quite crookedly…that is, not square with the loom…so when I started weaving the first wrap it started off very crooked. I knew that this error would only get worse as I wove, so I cut out the first 5″ of my weaving. Since I have plenty of weft yarn, that made much more sense than unweaving. Once that was done I could start again, making sure the beater hit the warp threads squarely this time. I managed to get about 50″ woven today.

As a person who lived 35+ years on a dirt road, concrete sidewalks offer some interesting differences. For instance, the tannin in maple leaves leaves clear impressions on a clean sidewalk.

sidewalk leaf print

2 sidewalk leaf prints

I’ve seen ones even clearer than these, where you can see each leaf vein.

Jack is doing very well. His skin issue seems to be totally cleared up, his ears are fine, too. His confidence isn’t improving at all. So I got him a permit for the local dog park. I thought since he doesn’t have a live-in canine role model, maybe we’d start with part-time ones at the dog park. We’ve been just twice, both short visits. He was fine with all dogs, regardless of size, who came up to say hello to him. Only a small dog (Yorkie? Silky?) got him to wag his tail, but no dog caused it to go between his legs. Their owners? Generally another story. He wants to be as far from most of them as possible. He does a great job of following me as we walk around the pond off leash, staying within 4-5 feet as a rule.


Meanwhile, I’m trying to get him used to the wonderful, insulated dog house my son gave/lent me. He had it for his big, clumsy bloodhound, so it’s way larger than Jack needs, but I put a soft, cushy bed in it to make it more comfortable. In keeping with an online suggestion, I took the bottom half of the door off for now. Jack spent all of 30 seconds in the house after I did that. I like to call that photo Jack-in-the-house. He popped out as quickly as a childhood Jack-in-the-box. 🙂

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  • I’m laughing because I almost always cover way too many topics in one post. So glad to read that Jack’s physical issues are clearing up. The psychological ones take much longer and sometimes they never go away completely. Patience and love do work many miracles though. I hope he find a little friend or two at the dog park. That may take a bit too. He’s fragile and likely wants to stick to the kindest thing in his world, YOU! Hiding a Kong toy with a few quality treats or peanut butter might make it into a fun house! 😉
    Warp looks beautiful!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Theresa. I’m happy to be patient with Jack…somehow, although I didn’t choose them, 2 of my last 3 dogs were also very shy and lacking confidence. It didn’t really change for either of them, so I don’t have great hope that it will for Jack, either. But for the other 2 I didn’t ‘do’ anything to try and change it, other than be there. For Jack I thought I’d try more active intervention than simple passive support – aka the dog park, the upcoming puppy classes and meeting with the animal behaviorist. We’ll see how they go.

    To date, Jack goes in the dog house long enough to grab the treat and come back out. But that was with the full door tied open. Now with the bottom half removed, we’ll see how it goes. And the kong – like my last dog, he doesn’t do a decent job of cleaning out the peanut butter, which means I have to spend a bunch of time cleaning it if I use PB. Other treats in the kong – if they don’t come out easily he gives up and just leaves them there. (Same as my last little guy.) I even switched to the ‘senior’ kong which is softer…same canine reaction.

    If the behaviorist recommends it, I’m open to getting another dog, but I’m not sure if it’ll be a rescue. Do they all have issues? IMHO he needs a partner that’s confident but not overbearing, someone who will engage him and pull him out, not make him prefer the background even more. We’ll see…..

  • No they don’t all have issues, but many do because they were never nurtured through a critical period in development that first year. If you are specific with your local rescue about your wants and needs I’m sure they will find some one wonderful for both of you. Many times peoples circumstances change and they turn great dogs into rescue. Usually older but heck, I’ve always had many good years with the seniors I’ve taken. Spike we took last year at 9 plus years and he’s as active as my 3 and 4 year olds. A quiet but assured senior may be just the ticket for Jack.

    He sure doesn’t have any terrier in him. Not a morsel gets missed by any of my dogs in the Kong eeven if it takes all day and a lot of drool to get it! 😉

  • Peg Cherre

    Good suggestions…tell the rescues what I’m looking for, and be open to an older dog. I will wait a few weeks till I meet with the behaviorist and see what he says, but I like your thinking!

  • […] with Jack, after I removed the bottom half of the dog house door, I knew I needed to do something to keep the rain out of the house and off […]

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