A Fair Trade

When I packaged the wraps to mail to R & R, I used my last two baby wrap bags. My strong preference is to make more right away, ‘cuz the last thing I want to happen is for me to have wraps ready to go and have to stop then and make bags.

I went to my stash of pillowcases, grabbed several, and tossed them in the washer and dryer. When they came out I set up my sewing machine and got to work. For jobs like this, I make a mess while I work and clean it all up at the end. So I simply tossed the pieces of fabric I didn’t need on the floor.

Jack, who loves fabric and soft things, was happy ‘stealing’ the pieces.

Fishy for fabric

He chose each piece carefully, sorting through them to find the perfect one to drag into the other room. But he was fair. He left me Fishy, his favorite toy.

Sticking with Jack, after I removed the bottom half of the dog house door, I knew I needed to do something to keep the rain out of the house and off the cushy bed that’s in there. So I got some heavy duty plastic, cut it to size, and taped it on. I chose the day that Baxter, my grand-dog, came to visit, figuring that having someone else use the house might make it more tempting to Jack.

Baxter goes in the dog house

Baxter had no hesitancy going in after the treat, but he came right back out. Ditto Jack.

Jack goes in the house

As long as we’re outside, here are some more nature shots. The day after I mowed the lawn here’s what popped up. In November!

November dandelion

That little maple tree with the pink variegated leaves has turned a beautiful bright orange.

variegated maple turns orange

Finally, my oakleaf hydrangea went from a nice bronze to bright red.

oakleaf hydrangea turns red

Mother Nature is quite the artist!

1 comment to A Fair Trade

  • Loved the Stealing Jack pics. I am often confronted by a greedy dog wanting to stuff two of something into his mouth just so someone else can’t have it . Bea was my little thief and she would pick and chose things too. You’re right, Mother Nature is an amazing artist. And the fall light just makes the colors glow.
    If you don’t get back to my blog, yes, the towels are huck lace from The Weaver’s Best of Huck Lace, pages 6-9 for a 4/6 loom. One threading and tie up and many treadling options. Lots of fun too!

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