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Dark mauve to shell weft

My cleaning helper came yesterday. She’s been really busy and could only give me one day this time. Sigh. So she did the upstairs while I cleaned the weaving studio and pantry. That leaves just 2 rooms: kitchen & living room. Cleaning them won’t be too bad, I don’t think. I’m away from home all day today, but I’ll do one room on Sunday and another on Monday.

On an unrelated note my wireless router died. I tried giving it CPR, but alas, had to ‘call it’ as they say on the doctor shows. I can still connect to the internet by moving my laptop to the modem and connecting with an ethernet cable, but it is most decidedly NOT convenient. So I ordered a new router and even sprang for expedited shipping. Still won’t be delivered till Monday. Double sigh. So today, while I’m away from home, I’m taking advantage of fast wi-fi at a coffee shop & doing some online tasks. Like this blog post.

Segue to baby wrap progress….

Above is the photo of me going from PK’s dark mauve cotton weft to her shell tencel weft. A really dramatic difference. Although it doesn’t show in the photo, in addition to the lighter color, the tencel brings a bit of sheen to the wrap, too. And the feel will be quite different, as well.

shell weft up & down

I’ve finished weaving PK’s short baby wrap with that shell tencel, and I’m a little over 1/3 of the way through JS’s natural tencel weft. I can see the difference in these two colors on the loom, but knew that the colors were too close for my camera (or maybe it’s my camera skills) to pick up, so settled for showing you the two sides of the warp with the light-colored weft. My favorite part with the light weft is the raspberry to mauve to blue. So bright & cheery.

This morning I did my hour+ of planning to figure out how many yards of each color I’ll need for my next batch of 2 baby wrap warps. But I’ll wait till I get back home to my secure network to order the yarn.

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