Stripes & Blocks

I decided to weave another tencel 3/1 vs. 1/3 twill, this time with a striped warp. I intended to use 5 different colors in the warp, but when I was measuring it on the warping board I didn’t like it, so changed to just 3 colors.

Here it is on the loom with a medium blue weft, from the top, with the blue blocks showing…
stripes & blocks on loom from the top

…and from the bottom with the colored blocks showing.
stripes & blocks on the loom, from the bottom

Here you can see both sides after wet finishing.
stripes with blue blocks

stripes & blocks with blue weft

I used a navy weft for the second scarf.
stripes & blocks, navy

I decided that was way too dark and needed something much lighter. I tried out a few things that didn’t work with each of the warp colors, then went with pink.

Once again, on the loom this was my favorite; off the loom my least favorite.

stripes & blocks with pink

In addition to changing the weft color I changed the treadling pattern, which was fine. What wasn’t fine was that I had also decided that the first two scarves would be too loosely woven and I needed to pack the weft more tightly. That was a mistake. Not only do the first two scarves have a nicer hand, the packing made my selvedges ugly – although I wasn’t aware of that as I was weaving.

stripes & blocks pink bad selvedges

I compounded my errors by weaving two of those scarves with pink wefts.

Isn’t it weird that now I have two warps in a row that what I liked on the loom and off the loom are direct opposites? I have no answer to that.

Kate asked for my draft for these scarves – here you go!
color block draft

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