Advancing Squares

I know I’m short of my stock of shawls so went for a warp of 3 rayon in a pattern I haven’t used before. I’m not positive I’ll use this pattern again, either. We’ll see how it goes. The pattern is an 8harness advancing squares pattern, so I wove it on my Mac. We’re friends now.

Here’s a shot of the first one I wove on my drying rack. It’s a seafoam green weft on a navy warp. This photo doesn’t show the shawl to its best advantage, nor does it show the color accurately, but does give you the best understanding of the weaving pattern.
handwoven shawl, seafoam stairstop

Interestingly, while I was weaving I wasn’t happy with my choice of weft color, but didn’t make that decision till I was well into it. Decided to go ahead and make a better choice with the second shawl…which I wove with a baby blue weft. This shot doesn’t show the pattern as clearly, but gives you a better idea of how soft and drape-y the cloth is.

handwoven shawl, blue stairstep

For the third scarf I used a red-purple weft. This shot lets you see the lightness of the shawl – you can see some of the white sheet through it.
handwoven shawl, red-purple stairstep

On the loom this was absolutely my favorite. Off the loom it is absolutely my least favorite. Weird, huh? I’m not sure if I prefer the seafoam weft or the baby blue one, but it’s sure not this one.

As I was pressing these shawls I found several weaving errors on that baby blue one that required quite a bit of time needle-weaving to correct. It’s still not perfect, but the best I could do.

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