Unfavorite Tasks

Have I mentioned before that one of my least favorite tasks is tagging my finished pieces? Probably.

It’s true. I wish I had someone else to do this job for me. For every scarf, baby blanket, and towel I have to print tags, cut them to size, measure the piece, write down the size, color, and other pertinent info on the tag, and pin it to the piece along with a price tag.

newly tagged weaving
Even that last bit, which should be easy, isn’t. I know I don’t charge enough for my weaving. Almost every year I increase my prices, but they’re still not where they should be. I just read a good article that a friend recommended. I agree with everything in there. Now, can I follow the advice? I’m working on it.

So that meant that I had to totally rethink what prices I’d put on the 4 baby blankets, 14 scarves, 9 towels and table runner I was tagging. I upped them from what I had, but probably without enough thought. So now they’ll sit on my ironing board for a bit while I do that thinking.

And when I decide, I’ll make myself some notes and then go in and change all the prices on all my already-finished stock. Yuck. At least I’ll only have to change the prices, not do all the measuring & rest of the tagging work.

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